I'll be home for Christmas

The winners
Dancing on the chairs
Group dinner
Kelly the dancer

Today is really a treat for me as my family went for a movie "The Chronicles of Narnia" at Great Wall. It was a nice movie which I enjoyed very much. I will always fall asleep whenever I do not like the movie..... especially fighting show.

Shop...shop starts to shop for Christmas dinner tomorrow and rush down to AGC's Christmas Party.

Its party time again, "I'll Be Home For Christmas" that's our theme message for AGC. Food, dancing and U don't believe it, young and old walking down the 'catwalk'. Buwaha!

And the winners none other that Mr & Mrs Sean Lim. What a coincidence that both of them won on the 'ladies' and 'men' caterogies. Have a look at the winners.

We also have 'Kelly' doing the 'floor dance' with Ed on the background. Boo...ooo, (only kidding)! Ed you are a really good guy to encourage Kelly on this item. Great Job!

Saboh Dancing on 'chairs' not platform huh! And not forgettting our Boon who is the superstar of the night dancing the "Chickenlittle" it was so good that everyone went on the floor to dance with him. Give a pat on your back Boon

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