It's Christmas ......

Yum! Big Fat Turkey & Crispy Roast Pork
String Beans
Beef, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, mushrooms with cheese
Asparagus with steaky bacon

Let there be Light! This is my wish for all the unsaved "Light the way Home" this Christmas. Christmas is a time of Joy, Love and sharing but most of all Peace to the World.

We had our usual traditional Christmas Dinner with a group of chefs taking over my kitchen. Te..e rr..ra.....!! "See Pics for what it turned out" by all the chefs. I always enjoy most is I do not have to cook and be pampered on Christmas Day with food and presents.

Life is NOT just receiving but giving, so lets reflects for the New Year with.....

As We Bring This Year
To An End And The
New Year Begins.
Let Us Pray That It
Will Be A Year With
New Peace,
New Understanding,
New Happiness,
Good Health
And An
Abundance Of New Friends.
God Bless
Happy New Year!!

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