A Twist of Fate

Do you believe that yesterday was my first time going to Esplanade Theatre for a musical 'A Twist of Fate' with my hubby and Sumei.

We were given a treat to this comedy musical by Su & Sean. We really enjoyed very much as it brings back the 'peranakan culture'. By the way my hubby's parents were 'peranakan' but he could not understand a word of 'malay' except 'Jelaka'

The Synopsis :-

1917 - A baby is abandoned on the steps of Singapore's famous Raffles Hotel. A childless English couple find the crying infant and adopt her. They sail back to England with the child in their arms.

1937 - Twenty years have passed. The house of Lim Chin Boon is in turmoil; the Master of the house is dying and has just received a letter from a young lady who could very well be the long-lost granddaughter from his first marriage. Emma West returns to Singapore to look for her family, only to find herself thrown into the midst of intrigue and mystery. There is a death in the family - a murder as it turns out Whose death? And who is the culprit? Everyone in the household has a deadly motive. We were drawn into a web of conspiracy, deceit and love that stretches back in time and across continents.

It is really worth seeing, thanks to Su & Sean :0)

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