Where to get that Gift?

Christmas bells is ringing and so is the cash machine everywhere in the shopping mall. I really do not have a clue what to shop for Christmas. For my family is easy coz they always tell what they want.

I have the biggest headaches now as I am tasked to buy 200 gifts for the poor residents of Boon Lay. I have to decorate a Christmas Tree as a 'Wish List Tree of Giving' but hey I am NOT Santarina as to please everyone's wish. We brainstorm and decided to have four groups ranging from age 5 to 60 years and above(50 pax) for each catergory. I am going to shop for 4 Groups of people, like toys for below 5 yrs Farm animal pens for the 6 yrs to 12 yrs; then 'book mark' for the 13 yrs to 18 yrs. (they are so cute and beautiful stuff from Spain) very colourful, something to cheer the kids. What about the old folks, 'bedroom slippers' or 'cuddle cushions' which I am looking into it, which I think is the best bet. Any ideas pls drop me a comment as time is running out.

Need to run to get the Christmas Tree and decorate, make wish cards etc. Ayioh so stress already!!

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