As Time Goes By......

Wow! never knew that LNY is just another 5 days away. How time flies. It makes me ponder and wonder should I be reflecting on those were the days...but.....

Over the years of working and now retired I begun to realise that living life is not just work and work. There are so many other things to do like 'Lead the unsaved to Jesus' this is our calling from God and our AGC church. But How?? I've heard many stories about the fear of receiving from spiritual mentors. That relationship is usually helpful, but occasionally it seems that the fearful is not guided toward the true source of divine power.

I interview many residents of Boon Lay last Monday as 'petitioners' who illustrate their needs. When I say, "Jesus loves You" to my first resident. It is so amazing how I interview one wheel-chair bound since birth, he is full of passion that even at age 55yrs he is asking for a licence to do hawkering. He had a good job working for Epson and resigned on 12 Jan coz Red Cross ceased his transportation to work and he finds a chore to go by taxi everyday. He has aged parents to support. I then suggested that we will write to SWCDC to match suitable job for him instead of hawkering and is impossible for him to get a licence. Before he leaves I told him again - Take Care and "Jesus Loves U" He was touched and I could see tears in his eyes when he shook hands with me and Kamell. Kamell cried and said she was very touched by the way I shared with the unloved. Hey I do not know whether Kamell is a Christian, must ask her.

I'm glad that I shared even with such simple illustration for him, but I'm sad that the name of 'Jesus' is seldom mentioned. It seems that their focus is on the human helpers and that their true source of power, 'Jesus' is being ignored. Same goes in Hongkong when we see old woman begging in the cold and old man pushing heavy push cart with 'three' wheels (one has fallen off) I gave him money and say "Jesus loves U" and He replied "Thank you Jesus" isn't that wonderful that he acknowledge God's goodness.

We must remember not to let our devotion to a leader replace our devotion to Christ. Are you a leader? Teach people to follow the Savior, not you the servant. Are you a Follower, well aint we followers of Christ? Amen

I pray that God will gives me more opportunity to share HIS LOVE....Amen & Amen

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