LNY reunion dinner

China Town crowd
Snow crab
yum 'oats prawn, fish'

Turning my head to one side, my eyes focused on the meaning of LNY. I have been so busy that I have not been to China Town to usher in for LNY. I remembered those were the days that after our reunion dinner we went to soak in the streets of China Town with the crowd buying last minute goodies. The spirit was there and immediately after 12 midnight voices were heard shouting "Xin Nian Kuai Le", "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and everything was slashed to rock bottom price especially the 'pussy willows" and new year 'cookies' etc. Otherwise it will be left in a heap of rubbish esp the 'flowers'.... (all will be thrown away).

I enjoy strolling at 'Far East Flora' at Thomson to see potted plants everywhere ready to go for discount after midnight. It was packed and people were buying more to decorate the house for good luck with better prices otherwise is rocket high especially the 'kam kat' ending with 88 (auspicious number for business it means 'Fa' for good luck).

Hey this year was my first time that we have our reunion dinner out at 'Sin Hoi San Eating House' at Tiong Bahru. Wow! look at that 'Snow Crab' costs $150/kg and after dinner we try to soak in the crowd at China Town but was too crowded that we could not penetrate through. Buwaha! I do not have my 'kwa Zi' for LNY - what a shame!

Take a look at the pixs and the crowd at China Town last night.

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