On our way to ICA church in the station
Met Morris in church
Having our Portugal lunch in Macau
The beauty of Macau

Well a time well spent bonding with Su in Hongkong. It was a short trip and despite of some hiccups along the way, we really enjoyed in 'foursome' and seeing God's goodness upon us. We left on 7 Jan and back on 10 Jan 06.

God did sent 'angels' to our rescue for directions and people we met along the way. Especially those frail & weak old lady begging in the cold and a man pushing heavy cardboard sheets with 3 wheels. I went to give him money and said 'Jesus loves U' and he responded "Thank U Jesus" Isn't that wonderful for sowing seeds in this way.

We enjoyed most was at Macau (no gambling ya) and Lamma Island for fresh seafood. We naturally soaked into the environment in the 60's of Hongkong. The people were very friendly living a simple lifestyle than Hongkong and Kowloon.

We went to ICA church and met Morris and had dinner with him in Kowloon. We had a very meaningful sharing by Morris and gave God the glory!

Look at the pics that says a thousand words.....

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