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"Aren't you going to pray?" My mother's question stopped me halfway through the first bite of my big, juicy burger.

As I hurriedly bowed my head, I couldn't believe I'd forgotten! After all, every good Christian knows about that one precise moment in the course of each meal when it's appropriate—and expected—to pause and pray.

But perhaps there's also another important moment during the meal when we would be wise to talk with God: before we even open the menu to order that big, juicy burger! Because believe it or not, God just might have something to say about what entrées and appetizers we order.

That's what best-selling author Hope Egan discovered when an eating disorder and a chronic illness forced her to look at the spiritual dimensions of diet and health. Follow her incredible journey from Judaism to faith in Jesus, and find out why she now embraces the dietary laws of the Old Testament as God's true plan for our eating.

Then for a thought-provoking theological analysis of this controversial diet, read Stephen Webb's careful review of Hope Egan's recent book. And give us your own review of the diet by voting in this week's poll.

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