LOVE is in the Air *Blink...blink*

Am I adorable? My name is "Precious"
V/Day pretty!

A big, loving hello to you! With the most romantic day of the year finally here, we can safely say that the bells of love are ringing away to glory. The town is painted red, literally, with the red hearts and balloons everywhere! Even if you want to escape, cupid will definitely find you on Valentine's Day! It is the day to love and be loved. So get set and bring out all the chocolates, gifts and flowers to fill your heart with the best emotion ever!

That’s a lot of love I’ve just spoken about. So evidently, you needn’t feel blue if you are not getting any flowers. Believe it or not, with a great bunch of friends and folks, no one can ever be lonely... !

So smile and party with Valentine’s Day wishes. Love is in the air....
Flowers are flying everywhere to all the couples young and old. Florists are making tons of money. Its so coincident that I have to go for bloodtest. Its so ironic that everyone is giving flowers but I am giving blood. Ouch!! I was jokingly telling the nurses and everyone in the room laughed. What a good gesture to see everyone laughed at the same time. The nurses told me that I made their day as they were all so stressed up with so many patients predicting that being Valentine's Day no one will come. Hahaha!

I dont expect to get anything as 'OLD MAN' DONT gives flowers. Hey! funny thing is I am enjoying this 'bouquet' of flowers in front of my desk top, is for my girl! I was so excited when Sumei came home and gave me a 'BEAR' from my children. Wow! It really made my Day!! and is so meaningful as it represents that one this day 29 years ago I was having my first born. Without hesitation I name her 'PRECIOUS' She is sitting next to my pillow everynight.... as it is so precious to me.

Thank U children appreciate your LOVE & CARE! and I will LOVE U all of my Days!!

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