An Affair to Remember

Hiya! How was Valentine's Day? Are you all love-stuffed now? I'm sure you are. And now that the love day is over, I'm really excited because Spring isn’t too far away! Oops in Singapore there isn't a season to talk about but I just love spring with all the flowers blooming and the cute birds and animals around. Well, it is also a great time to take a holiday overseas to really see BEAUTIFUL flowers...unlike boring Singapore....! there is nothing much to see except to feel and soak in the heat...Phew! But since spring kind of inspires me to take a holiday to UK. Huh! Some encouragement that is!! Will see how it goes.

Meanwhile, you may make the week worthwhile with your wishes.... like thinking of the goodness of God has instore for U and Me.

As I grow older, I'm learning to lean more on God and His faithfulness. Over the years, He has "held me by my right hand." He is guiding me with His counsel, and afterward He will "receive me to glory" (Psalm 73:23-24).

Listen everybody we have a Redeemer, he is an unfailing Tower for us to lean on, right! Learning of our weakness teaches us to lean on God's strength - How true!

It's so so edifying and I want to claim HIS promise - Amen!

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