Be Heard!

Our youth passes quickly and Our vigor is fleeting, time will tell;
But hope yet becomes us!! Death's sting holds no power it will strike anywhere, anytime to anybody....! Just heard BAD news of my ex-kampong buddy whose husband drop dead in front of her (how sad and painful and what a sight) sigh!! He has a Heart Attack! the worse is yet to come for her as now everything is just a SHOCK! Well that's life.

On the other hand one have to go for regular check up and most importantly do EXERCISE your way to glory. Exercise and Aging goes hand in hand. How to stay Fit longer ....As the world's fitness generation grows older, it is changing the way doctors and equipment makers look at exercise. Aging sports enthusiasts are getting better gear and keeping up! The point is to avoid injury and it helps with new technology. Hope there is new ways of fixing the most troublesome knee joint which many are suffering of degeneration damaged knee cartilage which is the most difficult to repair due to years of pounding.

So eat less and be choosy on healthy food it helps! Don't fall into temptation especially yum...yummy food which we often cling to!! Buwaha!

So growing Older is Staying Active!

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