International Women's Day Seminar

Organising committee
Shiong & Me
Guest of Honour Mr Gan Kim Yong (Minister of State (Education and Manpower)
Me & MP Halimah Yacob

Spent a useful morning as an invited guest to attend the Women's Day Seminar at Inter-continental Hotel. The reception was a good spread of food for tea. Yo....Shiong 'saboh' me she raised hand during the Dialogue session and I went to ask questions on 'Getting Women Back to Work' Presentation was given by a few companies but everyone enjoy 'Old Chang Kee's presentation by MD, William Lim.

I shared that after seeing his presentation I want to work for 'Old Chang Kee' now. Everyone laughed and applaud and William immediately gave me his name card. Wow! one recruit straight away. Haha! He was a very down to earth man and is very jovial too!

See pixs that tell all....

Have the privilege of having a pic with MP for Jurong GRC and NTUC assistant secretary-general Madam Halimah Yacob.

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