"Old Age" - Boon or Bane

The Bold and the Beautiful!

Conversations with Uncommon Women:
Dr Kanwaljit Soin on "Old Age – Boon or Bane" 30 March 2006 at SCWO

MOM (means Minstry of Manpower) or MOM but if u invert it, is WOW! How true!
The Singapore Council of Women's Organisations (SCWO) is the national coordinating body of women's organisations in Singapore, and seeks to be one Voice, for Women in Singapore. So is time for "MOM" to takes control... and change to "MOW" Not 'Manpower'!! Time to show some "Women's Power".
It was almost 30 over years that I last saw Dr Soin. She looks very well although she is 64. Growing old is how you managed yourself with dignity. The response last night was overwhelming and in recognition of the bonding with All the young at hearts! Who says women are hopeless?? With strength we could conquer hardship and sacrifies all sorts of knocks and pains whereas men dont have it! So don't waste time invest it Ladies!

It is also God's blessings that through this contact that we discover friendship. This certainly will helps us to link our path to our good old age growing old gracefully... be Women's Power to begin our journey in the near future!

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