Stop working late.......!

Singaporeans are working too hard? Even though is a five days week they can still work seven days a week. It's crazy!! Are they showing their abilities to work longer hours means innovative? What is their objectives?

It is important to recognise that workers who work late regularly have little capacity for more responsibility. So there is no point working so hard. No one can go on working for long hours forever. The well being will suffers without a healthy balance of work and life being. It eventually will drain the body and getting sick. We are not machines that can run 24 hours a day.... even machines will break down and needs overhaul!!

I remember those were the days that we go to work on time and leave work on work could never be done! Balancing working life and family life was an inspirations....Life still have to go on for the sake of the 'Cycle of Life'. But nowadays this generation is different they don't even want to start a family. Mind and soul are separated!

Calling all those who work so hard... So U can understand where are all the "Baby Boomers"?? I have no idea why the Government is panicking about falling birth rates! It SHOULD be the family members! So wake up to do something more positive and not paying out bonus to produce baby! This insufficient rest and stress will definitely damaged the productivity factory!

So work smart rather than harder :P

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