Hassle to opt for Progressive Package

Be like me Happy and adorable!

Do you feel you deserve a higher payout? Which is 2.6 Billion Progress Package! Just one day after the payouts were open for registration, Singaporeans eligible responded and ready to receive their money come May 1. This is really a sign of 'Kiasuism'. Although there is a date line to sign up by 25 April Singaporeans are already in long Q and jamming online.

There have been complaints that myabe the criteria is not fair. Some are even not happy of the payout feeling they deserve more! Some who use the term "vote buying" either don't understand what it means or interpret it loosely. Well it seems none ever feel contented in life. What happen if the government didn't shared this payout?? Then what have you to say?? What's important is that we all have to count our blessings each day or each time such a reward is given.... the money doesn't fall down from the sky!!

Be satisfied with what you are given and stay happy! After all life is so short!!

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