Qing Ming Jie

standing Serene, Jessie & BC sitting Jenny Mum and Me
My younger bro BC Do we look alike?
pssh...prayers to my dad
Does my dad needs all these money?? (scratch head)!

Yesterday was the first day of Qing Ming Jie. All Soul's Day! which falls on the third lunar month in early spring. It's time to remember the loved ones and pay respect to the deceased. Hey but for the Christian we believe there is life after death, so should my dad have all these ritual??? He received Christ on his death bed and Alleluia! One soul saved. Praise God :)

Due to the strong rituals my family members still believes to carry out all these prayers. It fascinates me whether spending all these valuable time burning all these so called 'paper money even in US$' will he received it!

I strongly believes that to serve with Love.... Is when one is still alive. Therefore we took our mum out to have a sumptuous lunch at 'Kippo' Keppel Club.

Cheers to my mum for enjoying herself while she could :P

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