Strolling & Hunting Around .......

Being my NO Sophie Day! yesterday Hmm......! Hee3!

I decided to stroll down Ion Orchard again this time to the 'Food Opera' at B4. Wow! was so surprised to see so many people at non peak lunch hour! Huh! oops! Probably was new ..... poor Takashimaya was so deserted! Don't go during weekend sure to be packed. More relax to go on a weekday.

There were many 'Japanese' stores around (remind me of those days at Japan in Sogo 'Food Galore') for 'finger food' and long Qs (mostly students) for hot fried food. I decided to go for a bowl of simple 'fishball kway teow'. The fish balls was big and delicious! (minimum S$5/-) Don't forget we paid for the ambience and rental as well. Haha! I hunt and came across a lovely 'wee corner' called the 'Tea Loft' with Asian Delight! .... like the famous 'local kaya toast & coffee' Is a very nice 'English style' set up which I enjoyed ...... Must come again for coffee with friends... like Betty! I was lucky to get a table by myself near a wee corner (see pics) and soaking with my 'yami peachy yohgurt' yummy! Oops forgotten to take a pic Gee3!

Is commercial time..... advertising 'Tea Loft' Hee3!

The 'Tea Loft'

The counter

Sweets for 'Sweet lovers'

The 'Tea Loft' layout

Me at the 'wee corner'

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