White Party at Ritz Carlton on 31 July 2009

Hmmm.... was invited by StanChart to a 'WHITE PARTY' at Ritz for Priority Banking. Well everyone supposed to dress in WHITE if possible and the turn out was fantastic (600 pax) but of course complaint..... complaint!! everywhere .... typical Singaporeans that there is not enough seats by the pool. We were lucky to get a table and share with some other priority bankers.

WOW!! We were treated like VIPs, walking down the red carpet and a group of 'paparazzi' snapping our photos as we strolled down to the poolside.

It was like a Super Star treatment .... gosh! My friend Betty and I took pics and was printed on a name card paper for memories. Well done! Happy with this treatment. Haha!

Drinks being served

champagne Anyone?

We were served with champagne, wine, liquors & cocktails and fingers food. A special drink called the 'StanChart Drink' which looks like the bank logo color - brainy!

Quite well orgainised at a posh hotel but for guests the ambience was not there for all to mingle around as we were all restricted around the pool. Can understand and most of them stayed for the 'hot party' dancing away with music!

Poolside White Party!

Betty & Me

Lamborghini any one? I simply loved 'Yellow' Wish was mine - Gee3!

Hey 'Shiok' Ferrari!! need to borrow ur pics cos my pic is not a full view hee3!

Show time the man with many coloured faces

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