Yet another celebration !

Dual celebration (Dan & Me)
Healthy Fruits
Me & Rosalind
Mexican Fare

Went to Brio's Cafe this round with my ex-neighbour for foursome lunch. We were lucky to postpone our lunch till yesterday and it coincide with 'Mexican Promo'. It was a good reunion for us after we shifted out of Laguna Park for almost 10 years. Dan and Ros were very happy to catch up with those were the days. Coincidently Dan's birthday was on the same day as me and we have so many similiarity which you won't believe even on food! Oops!

Yet we remain aware of things we have done and things we have left undone. Our age worry us. It motivate us to wish fervently that somehow we could undo the past.

Rosalind shared with us that one of her friend shared with her this word "DINK" which means "Dual Income No Kids"! Hi guys don't feel happy about this saying as one will regrets as family life is not complete without kids!. We are able to do alot of things nowadays but every person needs 'family and spiritual life' to complete a "Life Cycle!"

I was so shocked this kind of thing is catching on and influencing many. I think there are ways to stay happy but whatever the generation has to go on!!

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